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Career Coaching

Whether you're working on a presentation, looking for someone to brainstorm with outside of your organization, or just simply looking for some perspective, Career Coaching is the place to go.

Career Coaching is a central location with a roster of women that have self-described expertise in an area. You will find expertise in a variety of fields including but not limited to: 

    • Education Abroad
    • International Students & Scholars
    • International Enrollment Management
    • Campus Programming
    • and more! 

If you’re working through a specific project or skill, you will also find women who have expertise in tasks like Budget Creation, Project Management, or Marketing and Social Media. As you learn and develop your own leadership, these women can also be a resource. If you are looking for experts with experience in areas like NAFSA Leadership, Conference Proposals, and Volunteer Organizations, Career Coaching may have your perfect match.

The goal of Career Coaching is to provide League members with access to women with specific expertise that they may not otherwise come in contact with during the course of their daily work life. Career Coaching is intended to be professional in nature, and while informational interview requests are welcome, the facilitator has full discretion to make the connection between expert and member.

Ask an Expert

When you submit a request to connect with an expert, the Career Coaching facilitator will review your request and make sure you're headed in the right direction. She will confirm your request and put you in touch with the right person so you can talk by email or phone at your convenience.

Share Knowledge

Do you have expertise to share with the League membership? Let us know! If you are interested in being part of Career Coaching please submit your information below, or for questions email us


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