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As a League member, you gain access to opportunities for learning and sharing your successes and challenges in a strong and empowered community.  This dynamic content supports your growth in four key areas: navigating the workplace, career advancement, leadership development, and personal growth.  The League will share diverse stories and content from our membership and from thought leaders in our field and others.  Join us in this vibrant community as we seek to support your continued learning and growth. 

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Now is the Time: A Dialogue about Women in Politics

Submitted by Sandy Tennies

Working Parent.jpeg

Supporting Working Parents in International Education

Submitted by Megan Wood

Rethinking Success

Submitted by TED Radio Hour

amazing, balance, blur

10 Ways to Be More Mindful at Work

Submitted by Mariette Thomas

Are You A Global Leader?

Submitted by Elaine Steneck  


Confident Women

Submitted by Calie Florek

Vision Board

Submitted by Michele Friedmann


Mentorship and Sponsorship

Submitted by Camila Nardozzi  



Speaking Up For Yourself

Submitted by Jessica Jones


Wanted: Women Leaders

Submitted by Lorien Romito

C:\Users\lromito\Downloads\business acumen4.jpeg

The Missing 33% in Career Advancement

Submitted by Chelsea Kindred

Are You A Workplace MVP?

Submitted by Lorien Romito

Strong woman.jpg

Get What You Deserve

Submitted by Lorien Romito


Despite the Differences

Submitted by Lorien Romito

Women and Academic Leadership: Leaning Out

Submitted by Lorien Romito

Close-up of Hand

Givers Versus Takers: The Truth About Who Gets Ahead

Submitted by Mariette Thomas


Business Acumen? What's That?

Submitted by Sandy Tennies

Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing The Way America Works

Submitted by Sandy Tennies

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