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Empowering Women in Global Engagement

Research Worth Reading

Videos on Topics of Interest to League Members:

  • Stanford Center for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership:
    • Offers online curriculum (educational videos) on the following: Authentic Leadership; Effective Networks; Level Playing Field; Mentoring; Negotiation; Power and Influence; The Power of Stories; Rethinking Time; Team Dynamics; Women at Work and Work & Family. 

Research on Advancing Women’s Leadership and Women in the Workplace:

  • Connor, T., & Davis K. (2016). Do Women Value the Domains of Leadership Differently Than Men? Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, 36, 49-53. doi. Read more here.
  • Maguire D. (2016). The Influence of Online Social Capital on Women’s Career Change. Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, 36, 64-72. doi. Read more here.
  • Mctavish, D., & Miller, K. (2009). Gender balance in leadership?: Reform and modernization in the UK further education sector. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 37(3), 350-365.
  • Obers, N. (2014). Career success for women academics in higher education: Choices and challenges. South African Journal of Higher Education, 28(3), 1107-1122.
  • Peterson, H. (2014). An Academic ‘Glass Cliff’? Exploring the Increase of Women in Swedish Higher Education Management. Athens Journal of Education, 1(1), 33-44.
  • Turner, P. K., Norwood, K., & Noe, C. (2013). A woman with a plan: Recognizing competencies for ascent to administration in higher education. Journal about Women in Higher Education, 6(1), 22-47. doi. Read more here.

Surveys Regarding Women in the Workplace

  • Bichsel, J., and McChesney, J. (2017). The Gender Pay Gap and the Representation of Women in Higher Education Administrative Positions: The Century So Far. Research report. CUPA-HR. Read more here.
  • Bichsel, Jacqueline, and McChesney, Jasper (2017). Pay and Representation of Racial/Ethnic Minorities in Higher Education Administrative Positions: The Century So Far. Research report. CUPA-HR. Read more here.
  • McKinsey and Company; (2017). Women in the Workplace 2017. Read more here.

League Surveys  

Based on surveys conducted by the Global Leadership League focusing on women and leadership, we identified the following key areas of interest that will be offered through training, discussion, thought pieces and resources:

  • Offering leadership and skill development, such as negotiation, strategic thinking, influence, gender and culture dynamics
  • Addressing challenges of being a working woman and workplace challenges
  • Sharing success stories of women in leadership
  • Celebrating the satisfaction found in one’s job/role
  • Discovering ways to create and maintain work-life balance
  • Providing/participating in mentorship and coaching

Read the full results of Women and Leadership Survey


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