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Dust-Off Those Networking Skills

30 Jun 2022 8:30 AM | Anonymous

We are starting to see a resurgence of conferences and expos for our industry again, and that means many of us are shaking the dust off of our blazers and breaking out our suitcases from the closet. Several of our League board members recently attended the NAFSA 2022 Conference and Expo in Denver, CO, and had a wonderful time. So, with COVID restrictions easing and several of us back at the networking endeavors, we thought now was a good time to share some tips for keeping our networking skills fresh and getting back into promoting ourselves and our organizations after a long hiatus.

1. Practice your intro/elevator pitch. Because it might have been a moment since the last time you had to run through your own introduction and organizational run-down, take a few moments to make sure you not only remember the highlights to hit but whatever updates or adjustments you might need to now include in our post-covid world.

2. Tap into your already established network and reach out to past contacts. You will likely be running into colleagues and friends at some of the upcoming conferences. Now could be an excellent time to follow up with them and see how they are doing and ask how they are adapting after a travel hiatus. Keeping your past contacts fresh can be just as important as the new ones you will be making while networking.

3. Meditation, affirmations, or journaling – whatever you do to find your power. With new networking opportunities come new possibilities of being in a room full of people you don’t know. And that can be nerve-wracking for anyone. Take some time to steel those nerves, find your center of self, and step into your power so that you may show up as the best you – however that may look.

4. Stock those business cards and prep your supporting branding items. Maybe you need to order more business cards or look for that tabletop sign you will need for a booth at a conference. Whatever it is, ensure that your supporting items are ready to go.

5. Self-care. We cannot stress this one enough! Do what you need to do to have yourself feeling and looking your best. Maybe that is a new haircut, an in-depth skincare routine, a new shirt, or a long workout right before heading to the networking event. Self-care looks different to everyone, so do what you need to do so that you may feel like you are showing up with your best foot forward.

These are just some of our ideas on how we can all shake off that COVID dust and get back into the swing of things. So, what do you do to prepare yourself for a new networking opportunity? Share with us on our social! Or, better yet, become a member of The League and participate in some of our upcoming events and networking opportunities.

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The mission of the Global Leadership League is to ignite change across the global education field by empowering, connecting, and training leaders.  Become a Member