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Mentor Circles

One of the cornerstones of a successful business model is collaboration. Whether around the table with colleagues from your own company or in a board room with professionals from around the field, there is value in bringing different perspectives to the table. The League understands the value of this process and recognizes that facilitating these conversations can take time and effort, so we’ve created Mentor Circles.

Why Groups? 

One-on-one mentoring relationships can sometimes cause undue stress on both mentor and mentee: Am I holding up my end of the partnership? Are we sharing the same expectations? By using small groups of four, the group will share the responsibility of the mentor role. These groups are considered to be safe spaces where conversations are confidential.

Current Topics

Members choose from one of three current workbooks:

    • Blazing Your Career Trail
    • Designing a Well-Lived Life
    • Negotiating
How does it work?
    • Membership in the League is required for this members-only benefit.
    • Sign up for a Circle on the Events page.
    • Respond to a short survey to share your background, and indicate which workbook you are interested in studying.
    • The League’s Mentoring Team curates each Circle, and you’ll get to meet other professionals with whom you may not otherwise cross paths.
    • At the close of the four months, participants will receive an outcomes survey to collect feedback on the workbook, and the process. 

At the end of your four months, you decide what’s next: Sign up for a new group and a new topic. Take a break while your work calendar heats up. Whatever you decide, you’ll increase your network and invest time on topics that are interesting to you.

Join Us! 

Take the opportunity to learn and grow from other professionals in international education on topics such as Blazing Your Career Trail and Designing a Well-Lived Life. Sessions commence four times a year, and groups are made up of 3-5 professionals per session. This is a MEMBERS ONLY benefit. Please use the button below to register on our Events page.

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