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Professional Development Roles

The League is seeking volunteers for several new positions to help manage key areas. The following is a summary of available roles (descriptions below).  The 2018 Survey is now closed.  We are reviewing applications and will be contacting applicants shortly.

Exec Team Director, Vibrant Content (Member Focus)

Exec Team Director, Research & Special Projects

Exec Team Director, LINK Local Events

Coordinator, Limelight Interviews

Coordinator, On Fire

Coordinator, In the Vault

Coordinator, Impact & Outcomes

Coordinator, International Outreach (London)

Coordinator, Experienced Professionals

Matchmaker, Mentoring Programs

Career Coaching Facilitator

Director, Vibrant Content (Member Focus)

    • This role is a similar role to the Director, Content (Learning);  this person will join our executive team.   This Director will focus on creating content for three new spaces we designed for our website: Limelight Interviews, On Fire (our kudos wall), and In The Vault (our candid conversations space). This person will recruit and manage a team of volunteers who will serve as coordinators of the content areas , plus other volunteers who will work with those coordinators to keep the content relevant, diverse, and timely to the discussions of the field at large and appropriate to the annual GLL theme. Each of these coordinators will be required to solicit content  from other members/non-members so as to populate these areas of our website.

Coordinator, Limelight Interviews

    • Limelight interviews are written or video interviews with women and allies in the field who have interesting stories or inspiration to share. The coordinator will design a format that makes us unique from the other interviews available in our field and will ensure we provide new interviews on a regular basis. The coordinator will conduct the necessary outreach to potential interview sources and seek diverse voices and stories within the field. Reports to the Director, Vibrant Content (member focus).

Coordinator, On Fire

    • The purpose of On Fire is to generate interest in members/non-members by recognizing women and allies in our field for good work done, honors or life moments. This coordinator will develop an online system to easily capture this information and will find new and powerful ways to get the word out so that we can create a vibrant space for celebrations. The coordinator will conduct the necessary outreach to potential honorees and seek diverse voices, honors, and good work done in the field.  Reports to the Director, Vibrant Content (member focus).

Coordinator, In the Vault

    • In The Vault is a space that allows members to submit candid questions to which we will provide an anonymous response that is both candid and helpful. This is meant to be impactful by creating a safe space to discuss important  issues integral to our work and seek knowledgeable support. This coordinator will develop the space and the mechanism for receiving and responding to questions. This person will also manage responses to submitted questions (either from a team of responders or from League leaders at large) and ensure regular content is provided. Reports to the Director, Vibrant Content (member focus).

Director, Research & Special Projects

In addition to participating in Executive Team meetings and initiatives, the Director of Research and Special Projects is responsible for leading and generating content for the area of research within The League. Responsibilities include:

1.    Designing, implementing, and analyzing League Surveys, including overseeing volunteers responsible for assessing the success and impact of League events and programs  

2.    Generating website content, specifically the public and membership-only content for “Research worth Reading” and “League Surveys”. Contribute to the GLL newsletter and other publications as appropriate.

3.    Facilitating the Research and Scholars affinity group

4.    Liaising with relevant professional organizations in international education and outside the field to compile and collaborate on research areas and projects of mutual interest

5.    Completing special projects as assigned

Coordinator, Impact & Outcomes

    • The coordinator will work with all key programs, events,and initiatives of the League to design, implement, and report on outcomes for the members and/or attendees. The coordinator will also collaborate with leadership to develop quick snapshot surveys (one question) to add to the League newsletters.  This person will design, starting in a simplistic manner, a set of questions or interviews for attendees at each of our major events or programs with a goal of collecting valuable information about attendee satisfaction and impact. The Director of Research will advise and guide this coordinator so that their work aligns to other research and assessment interests and so that we gain visibility of outcomes through the work of the executive team. Reports to the Director, Research & Special Projects.

Coordinator, Experienced Professionals

    • This coordinator will work closely with the Director of Membership to focus on identifying and engaging with our most senior professionals. We have identified this group as a worthy subset of potential members and feel we need to concentrate on particular outreach and communication to ensure they see value in the League and can find ways to contribute. The actual plan and tasks to be designed with the Director of Membership. Reports to the Director, Membership.

Director, LINK Local programs

    • Similar to and working closely with the Director of LINK Regional Programs, this person will focus on building League Information and Networking (LINK) events outside of regional events and conferences.  The Director, local programs will identify and engage LINK leaders to host informal gatherings that embody and advance the League’s mission, vision and values.  Open to members and non-members alike, LINK events require certain elements but have a flexible structure to allow for unique and dynamic local gatherings.  Increasing the number, variety and quality of local LINK events is central to this position.  
  • This person effectively kicks off the Mentor Circles each quarter, setting the tone for a successful, collaborative Mentor Circle. Their primary role is to curate each group of four participants with attention to each individual’s expertise and responses to our Mentor Circle intake survey. This includes monitoring the sign-up forms, addressing any concerns via the team email account, and preparing the group for handoff to the team’s Content Facilitator. This person works within the Mentoring Team, with most interaction on email and occasional conference calls. Time commitment of 3-5 hours per month is cyclical, as new Mentor Circles begin approximately every four months, with rolling admission.

Career Coaching Facilitator (previously Coaching Hub)

    • This person oversees our newly renovated Career Coaching component of the League. This role facilitates the connections of professional women who are seeking or offering assistance on topics such as resume review, conference proposals, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, and more. Key tasks include managing sign-up forms, working within a volunteer database to match professionals, gathering information on important trends, and measuring outcomes of this area. This person works within the Mentoring Team, with most interaction on email and occasional conference calls. Time commitment of 8-10 hours per month as this exciting new initiative is launched.

To apply for one of our open volunteer professional development positions, fill out the following survey no later than February 15, 2018   

The position survey is now closed. We will re-post new opportunities on this page as they become available.


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