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As international educators, we strive to balance our professional growth with personal growth and leadership development. We want to provide a space for Global Leadership League members to challenge their concepts of what successful leadership looks like and how we can strengthen our field by being the best people we can be.

Check out these articles:

Are You A Global Leader?: What key characteristics define global leaders? How does leadership change when moved out of a traditional environment? In “What is Global Leadership?”, Ernest Gundling, Terry Hogan, and Karen Cvitkovich (2011) draw on current research to illuminate the different, critical skills that successful global leader practice.

Be Seen as the Confident Woman You Want to Be: How can women project status and authority in order to advance, but also maintain a likeable and caring demeanor? Watch this 6-minute interview with Carol Gorman, an international speaker who helps leaders strengthen their influence and impact skills, as she talks about what your body language says that you might not intend, and provides some tips on how you can quickly change how you are perceived at work (and beyond). Read on for an international education perspective from Callie Florek!

The Power Of A Vision Board: Align your intentions by creating a Vision Board to help make your dreams a reality! They are easy and fun to create and research shows the power of visualization works.

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