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March to Influence

Welcome to the Global Leadership League’s regional connections team!  Each year we convene hundreds of women leaders and allies of women’s leadership across the region, at NAFSA and other local conferences, and in a variety of different settings.

Caitlin and Deb hosting a LINK event in Morgantown We need YOU to advance this important effort!!

Every year in the United States, we celebrate women’s history during the month of March, and International Women’s Day on March 8th.  Let’s make sure people know this!!  

In support of women’s history, and empowering women in leadership in international education, the League is calling on individuals to host fun and informal gatherings across the nation and around the world.  Take a step in the right direction and help us spread the word!

This year’s Global Leadership League theme is that of “Influence,” and we have been busy advancing that theme as we educate and engage our members.  This spring we invite you to help us MARCH TO INFLUENCE and sign up to host an event in your area or at your institution.

Sign up to host an event now!!  We’ll help you. And trust us, you’ll be so glad that you did!

Through the League Information, Networking and Knowledge (LINK) events, we are advancing our goal of creating a vibrant, safe space for women to talk so that we can learn from each other and transcend into more empowered leaders who can raise our own organizations to new heights.  


Why should I host a LINK event?

Networking with women leaders and advocates of women's leadership is a great way on top of your professional game and reap a number of social benefits!! Research shows that greater connectedness leads to better health, happiness and sense of community.

In addition you will build your own skill set and have an additional experience to add to your portfolio of accomplishments. Combine that with other League activities and you can take your experience to new heights as you share your expertise with future women leaders!! 

The Global Leadership League is an important, and increasingly recognized organization in the field of international higher education. Hosting an event means that you become a LINK leader, showcasing your skills and deepening your connections with others in the field. 

How much work is involved in hosting?

LINK event planning is a simple process that you can customize to your own schedule and interests. Past events have included conference meetups, no-host meals, happy hours and garden parties.  On average you can expect to spend a couple of hours in setting the location, promoting and facilitating the event, and following up with attendees and the LINK director.

Can non-members attend or help out with the event?

Yes!  The more the merrier!  LINK events are open to members and non-members alike.  It is very helpful to enlist a colleague or a friend in helping with the event.  That way you can share the load and divide up responsibilities before, during and after.  

How do I sign up to host an event?

You can easily sign up here to host an event, and will be contacted by a LINK director to begin the planning process. The League will provide a number of tools to help you promote, facilitate and follow up on a great event.


Some say that leprechauns aren’t female, but we’re all about breaking stereotypes in the League!  Leprechauns are a type of fairy in Irish folklore which may have been derived from a tribe of the goddess Dana (or Danu). So…  feel free to get your green on this month as we March to Influence!



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