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We have a commitment to make the League affordable in membership and programs so that all levels can take advantage of this amazing group of women. An individual one year membership costs $65.00.

Sign up between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 and receive recognition as a Foundation Member of the League. You will be able to immediately apply for the leadership positions in the league and your membership fees will be held the same for the first two years.


      • Diversified leadership allowing women of all levels to lead locally or nationally
      • Giving members access to important resources they can download and use on their own time.
      • Intentional collection of outcomes from our programs for others to view and learn from
      • Real life focus interviews with other women and men
      • Expert content from outside the field in webinar delivery
      • Promote ad hoc gatherings in countries, regions and cities
      • Sustaining mentoring circles
      • Private coaching

Overview of Members-Only Resources


Whether you're working on a presentation, looking for someone to brainstorm with outside of your organization, or just simply looking for some perspective, the Coaching Hub is the place to go. 

In the Hub you'll find a members-only central location with a roster of women that have self-described expertise in an area. When you submit a request, the Hub facilitator will review your request and make sure you're headed in the right direction. 

She will confirm your request and put you in touch with the right person so you can talk by email or phone at your convenience.


One of the cornerstones of a successful business model is collaboration. Whether around the table with colleagues from your own company or in a board room with professionals from around the field, there is value in bringing different perspectives to the table. 

The League understands the value of this process and recognizes that facilitating these conversations can take time and effort, and will be coordinating small group mentoring groups. Why groups? One-on-one relationships can sometimes cause undue stress on both mentor and mentee. By using small groups of four focused on one central topic the group will share the responsibility of the mentor role. 

The League’s Mentoring Team will provide topics for discussion and facilitate continued management of the group for a four month period.


We aim to meet you where you are at and based on the role of international educators, we know that it is not always convenient to meet in person. The League will provide webinars during the year that you can watch and learn in the comfort of your own office or home. 

The webinars will follow our themes and we will produce the best content possible with a goal of giving you take-away learning to apply in your daily work.

Members of the League will have access to the webinars for free and non-members will pay a nominal fee. Consider membership in the League as a great investment in training that lasts for a year with even richer and more meaningful connections on top of the content.

Our upcoming webinars are always listed on the League's Events page of the site, so be sure to visit that page for more information!

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