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Group Membership & Sponsorship

Founding Supporters Circle: The League invites universities and organizations to join the Founding Supporters Circle. Your annual donation will help us build the organization in a meaningful way. Your logo and name will appear on our website homepage and at our events. Each level includes membership for 1-30 women and you receive free membership depending on the level chosen. This is a great way to show your support for this new initiatives, receive recognition with the 1070 + women in The League, and help women in your office learn valuable leadership and networking skills.

  • Help us build a vibrant group of women and get involved for your own professional and personal development
  • A small investment for a world of good opinion
  • Situations such as presenting at a conference, applying for a new role, applying for leadership roles in the field
  • Get your own group together to build your network in your area

If your organization is interested in joining the Founders Supporters Circle, please email

Become a Founding Circle Supporter

The newly formed Global Leadership League invites all organizations and universities to join our Founding Circle Supporter. We have arranged special sponsorship packages for organizations to help support this amazing new women’s initiative as well as receive bundled membership for a group.

The League wants to create significant change within global leadership by helping women acquire skills necessary to grow and develop in their careers which, in turn, will help ignite success in the organizations they serve. We believe that this is an important if not absolutely necessary professional development opportunity to foster diversity and inclusion within organizations.

What are the benefits of my staff belonging to this organization?

When you sign up to be a sponsor of the League through our Founding Circle Supporter program, the League programs become available to your team as members and they can access the member service pages of the website where we house important articles, skill building programs, coaching and mentoring opportunities. These services are specifically designed for women working in international education. Your team, as members, will also have free access to all webinars and discounted access to in-person events and workshops.

What are the benefits to your organization in joining the Founding Circle Sponsorship?

Your support of the League is important to advance the work of our field. Global organizations require strong leadership and the majority of available talent in the field are women. In addition, as a Founding Circle Supporter we will showcase your brand on our website and notify the field of your support of this important leadership initiative. Your partners and clients are part of this movement and they will care about your involvement.

In short, why should I join the Founding Circle Sponsors group?

“Employees who are 'engaged and thriving' are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months.” Keeping a strong workplace culture is important regardless of the size or nature of your organization. - Bonusly, May 2016

“Because diversity in leadership breeds innovation”. There are countless examples of the value women bring to leadership. - Take the Lead, February 2015

“93% of global citizens will have a more positive image of an organization that supports social issues (like gender equality in the workplace)”. - Sustainable Brands, May 2015


The Founding Circle Supporter group is crucial to the success of the organization and we want to recognize your support on our website and with our members and partners. Already many of our interested steering committee members originate from organizations who support diverse leadership in the field. We will showcase your organization in the following ways:

  • Your logo will appear on our website with a prominent link to your website
  • Your organization name will appear on The League materials where appropriate
  • Your organization will be mentioned when you are in attendance at national League events
  • When you also sponsor an event, you pay a reduced sponsorship fee
  • Opportunity to write blog or opinion ideas to our members related to our content

Note: The League will also be recruiting event sponsors for our major national events where we host 200+ women in the same space. Event sponsorships are different than Founding Circle Supporter memberships and event sponsors will receive major brand recognition at the event and in our materials along with opportunities to be featured in meaningful ways at the events with attendees. Founding Circle Supporters receive a discount

What’s Included for the Founding Circle Supporter?

Our Founding Circle Supporter packages includes group memberships at a reduced rate ($50/person) plus a $500 annual donation to the League which will help offset our very modest budget for speakers, materials and technology. Note, we are currently a completely volunteer-run organization

FOUNDING CIRCLE SUPPORTER PACKAGES – yearly dues. Your organization will need to appoint a membership administrator. The administrator can enter all memberships OR just share their login/password with the selected members who can individually enter their details. All members of the bundle renew at the same time. You control who is in your membership bundle each year.

  • Level 1:  $600 includes up to 2 memberships
  • Level 2:  $750 includes up to 5 memberships
  • Level 3:  $1000 includes up to 10 memberships
  • Level 4:  $1250 includes up to 15 memberships
  • Level 5:  $1500 includes up to 20 memberships

Need more than 20 memberships? Just send us an email and we will build you a special category.


The bundle can be selected by clicking the button below. Invoices can be paid with credit card or via check. Members can fill out their application however will not be formally added until the invoice is paid in full. The League will contact the bundle/membership administrator for a copy of the organization logo, a short marketing blurb, website link and contact details. Feel free to write to us at

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