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Whether you are an entry level professional or have been around the track a few times, our goal is to provide you with amazing experiences to energize and engage you with leadership learning.


All are welcome at events and meet-ups around the country! Feel free to look around and investigate what we're up to:


Mentor Circles

Mentor Circles are an innovative way to join with 3-5 other women for no more than a few months to discuss particular topics. It has a beginning, middle and an end! You will be paired with new, experienced and diverse women to discuss the topic so that you can gain valuable perspective. So what's a Mentor Circle? 
    • Contrary to typical mentor / mentee relationships, a Mentor Circle allows for a small group to discuss a topic and have everyone contribute at the same level.
    • Your circle will include 3-5 women.
    • Let us help you stay organized. Each topic has a corresponding workbook that your group will work through together.
    • What are the topics? Check out the first three topics that our team has designed in response to popular demand.

Negotiating: In this Mentoring Circle, participants explore four modules that impact successful negotiation: how we were raised, our personal brand management, conversational competence, and negotiation preparation.

Designing a Well-Lived Life: In this Mentoring Circle, participants explore four modules that help shape what work-life balance means and what is really important. Get ready to discuss why we do what we do, do we really want it all, how do we balance it all, and what does a good life mean in the 21st century.

Blazing Your (Career) Trail: This Mentoring Circle is designed to provide participants with the tools to move toward career goals. The four modules in this series will explore grit, body language, the right advice, and a seat at the table.

Career Coaching

Need some advice about a particular issue? Our Career Coaching is a growing list of women who have particular expertise in the field who have signed on to offer particular advice to you. You need to request a coach and tell us what you need help with before we will pair you. And, remember, this is just a chat to get some quick support. Join the Mentor Circles to build a longer term relationship with women across the world.

Interactive Content

Access thought-provoking discussions, interviews, and commentary from international education professionals on the current topics you care about the most! Engage with content from a variety of sources and read how these experts have applied lessons learned to our field.

Interested in being a Content Commentator? Contact us here! 

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